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All the Shit I’ve Learned Abroad is a travel podcast focussed on everything and anything related to travel. Hosts Steph Paige and Andrea Gillis, both now Canadian expats with Steph living in Australia and Andrea in the UK, come together remotely each week to record episodes based on their own travel experiences (good and bad!) ranging from losing passports, missing flights, and solo travel. 

Andrea, a recently turned Brit, lives and works in London with her roots in radio broadcasting, previously working as a radio producer and on-air presenter in Canada. Now in England, she works in the ad-tech industry and travels around Europe whenever a free weekend permits.

Steph now lives in Melbourne after spending the past four years traveling around the world. She both runs her own Project Management firm and works as a Project Manager in the entertainment industry for a major recording artist. 

All The Shit I’ve Learned Abroad is recorded in London and Melbourne with new episodes released weekly.

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